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Dear Animal


Dear Animal, is a re-imagination of the Linnaean taxonomy from a feminist perspective. This collection is a love letter to the resilient feral female and an exploration of the myriad Animalia that dwell in the margins.

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Alejandro Murguía,
Author of Stray Poems and
San Francisco Poet Laureate

"In this wide-ranging collection of poems, MK Chavez touches on themes from youth to adult, sensual and heartbreaking, erotic and political, investing form and language with a subtle force that moves you to places one has not been to before. Imaginative and original, MK Chavez is a poet for our times whose work lingers on the mind and tongue long after the book is closed."

D. A. Powell,
Author of Tea, (1998), Lunch (2000), Cocktails (2004), and Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys (2012)

"MK Chavez is a dangerous woman. A survivor, a shaker, a maker, a bruja. We need more poets who can spit fire and get real the way she does."

Tongo Eisen-Martin,
Author of someone’s dead already (2015)

“MK Chavez wields a torrential consciousness that exists both as racing music and a suspended realm of human astronomy. Memorials share food with births.  Freedom fighters and artists must be one. Patriarchy must answer for its brutalization and farce. Sketches of loves expand the boundaries of poetry. Reading her poetry, I feel invincible. Dear Animal, is the incantation before justice, and truly our return.”

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